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Wholesale Costume Accessories

Costumes without Accessories are like food without seasoning – you can eat it but you won’t enjoy it much. You won’t be eating costumes, but wearing them without the props and embellishments is just plain boring. The same way, your Costume shop without accessories will make for bad business. Most people like the convenience of going to a one-stop shop; it’s great if you offer a nice variety of Outfits, but why not have the whole ensemble including the Jewelry, Make-Up, Handheld Accessories, etc. Do you really want your customers running around and discovering your competitors only because they were looking for a missing tiara or toy sword? Make sure that you are the one Costume store your customers know by giving them no reason to venture out. Find thousands of Wholesale Costume Accessories including Wigs, Facial Hair, Face Paint, Toy Weapons, Wands, Tiaras and many, many more items. Besides being convenient items for your customer, Disguise Accessories also provide you with additional income and a great opportunity to cross and up-sell.

You may ask: “Why do I need Accessories? Are they not included already in the Costumes you sell?” Yes, it is true, many Costumes come with factory issued Accessories which usually leave you short of certain key pieces anyway, or they may not be all that flattering. You could learn from your own experience or you can cut the learning curve and learn from our experience: Having Costume Accessories will bring you new Customers and keep the existing ones happy! The Accessories that are sold separately are usually much nicer and more realistic than the ones that come included in the factory package. As a Wholesale Costume Supplier, we have seen all sorts of pairings and combinations between the actual Outfits and the Accessories sold separately. There is no fair comparison, the ones sold separately always win.

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