Costume Accessory Kits

Wholesale Costume Accessory Kits are the best products to complement your top selling Disguises. WPC offers Wholesale Accessories are discount prices.

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Wholesale Costume Accessory Kits

One way to simplify a purchase and be the answer to your customer’s most probable questions is to offer them a prepared Kit. How many times have you had a customer approach you to ask you: “are the shoes, wand and tiara included with the princess dress?” or “Is the Pirate Sword part of the Costume?” Then you have to give a whole explanation about how the accessories are sold separately, and then they start telling you that it’s too much money, start asking for discounts, etc. You can eliminate this awkward position by offering pre-made Costume accessory kits.

Wholesale Party Costumes offers special accessory sets to pair up with your most popular Costumes. Find Pirate Costume Kits that come with the sword, eye-patch and hat, or Ninja Kits with nun-chucks, Ninja Stars and Katana. Just think of any Costume that corresponds with Accessories and there is probably an existing Kit for it. Animal ear and tail sets are always popular, and so are prosthetic limb Kits, clown Kits, and the all time best selling Superhero Kits.

Costume Accessory Kits offer great convenience to your customers, but you will also appreciate them in terms of storage space. There is nothing more annoying than having to accommodate hundreds of little compartments to separate small accessories from others. The advantage with prepared Costume kits is that they are usually packed in bundles thus they eliminate the need to separate each item. Wholesale Costume Kits eliminate many of the hassles of selling Accessories and they are proving to be profitable items to up-sell.

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