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Shoes are not something that most people think about when buying a Costume; that is until they see the special pair of shoes that will positively alter their look. Most popular characters wear unique shoes, why wouldn't you if you were impersonating your favorite Superhero or Disney Character. Have you ever seen Spiderman in black sneakers? Probably not, so why would your customers run around in a Spider Man Costume without the much needed Spidey Boots. What about those ladies attending a 1970s party, but it never occurred to them that they might need Go-Go Boots? Platform Boots are so important to a Disco Costume that they can often dictate the difference between a 70s Costume and simply, a tacky dress.

Wholesale Party Costumes offers essential Foot Wear for the Halloween Outfits that can't go without them. Find Boots, Sandals, Shoes and Foot/Boot Covers at Bulk Wholesale rates. All the protection and d├ęcor that your customers' feet need for a special Halloween night can be found at Wholesale Party Costumes. There are tons of alternatives to choose from and prices range significantly since your customer have the option of selecting Boot Covers vs. full shoes. Not everyone is willing to dish out a lump sum for shoes that will only be used once, so Boot Covers (and their Shoe Cover and Foot Cover variations) are a very affordable alternative that will keep your customers happier than Happy Feet.

Inquire directly about Wholesale Costume Footwear. WPC is on a mission to make you're the go-to shop in your town for all types of Costumes and accessories.

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