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Wholesale Funny Halloween and Costume Props

Halloween would not be the fun Holiday it is today if it wasn’t for some good sense of humor. Comedic relief is absolutely needed to balance out this celebration that is plagued with terror. The frights and thrills are part of the fun but if it gets too serious, it becomes just plain scary (and not the fun kind).

Wholesale Party Costumes is here to lighten up the mood a bit so that your customers are not running scared. The best thing about Funny Props is that they stay relevant throughout the whole year. Clowns and children’s party entertainers will certainly appreciate it if you were to make these products available all year long. The people that you attract with your Costumes are probably the festive type that will express interest in all of your merchandise beyond Halloween. Take for instance the classic rubber chicken. That is one gag that never goes out of style, said to have its origins in the days when jesters used to entertain Kings. Clowns and magicians alike, use the rubber chicken prop for stage performances and pranks. This clever prop will most likely be a top seller all year long. Another oldie but goodie is the fake butt attachment that draws all the attention to your heiny. This prop is popular for Halloween Costumes, but as you could imagine, it is great for use as a comedic tool for all types of stage performances. During October, the Crashing Witch Halloween Decoration will draw intense laughter as guests witness a clumsy witch on a broom plastered against a tree. These and many other funny Decorations will help your store become an all around player in the Halloween retail industry.

Wholesale Party Costumes makes it easy for you to acquire the most popular Funny Props, Decorations and Gags to stock your shop. Contact us directly if you wish to purchase a specialty item, not listed on this website. WPC works with an extensive network of Wholesalers that can help us help you.

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