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Large selection of Wholesale Halloween Decor and Props for Haunted Houses. Wholesale Party Costumes is a Halloween Supplier for the U.S. and Latin America.

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Wholesale Halloween Scary Props

There’s nothing spookier than slow business during the peak of the season. Arm yourself with the right inventory to ensure your Halloween aficionados find great value in your store during those crucial months between August and the end of October. Many people take Halloween seriously and go as far as decorating their homes or offices. Wholesale Halloween Scary Props are made available to you from Wholesale Party Costumes so that you may conquer your financial goals next Halloween season. Give those hardcore Halloweeners exactly what they are looking for and get what you need in return: Sales.

Wholesale Party Costumes has the most unimaginably Creepy Props and decorations that will make any Halloween haunted house that talk of the ghost town.

Imagine walking into a home to be greeted by severed limbs, chopped off heads and bloody guts on platter just for you. It sounds sick and demented, straight out of a Horror flick, but this is exactly what your customer wants to replicate in their Halloween Horror Houses. Find all of the above mentioned and more, WPC’s collection of realistic Gory Decorations that will have your toughest stomachs churning in disgust. It’s not all guts and gory though, there are plenty of just heart-stopping gags that really set the mod before the guest has even entered the Haunted house. Find Lawn Decorations like tombstones with corpse arms breaking through the ground and pumpkins with eerily carves faces sold at low Wholesale prices so that you can profit from the Horror.

Wholesale Party Costumes is more than just a place for Costumes. It’s where retailers get their stock to attract Party goers, thespians, educators and Hardcore Halloween Fanatics.

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