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Wholesale Toy Costume Accessories

Sometimes you’ll identify a character Costume more by the Toy Accessory than by the Outfit itself. Think about the power of a lightsaber, not the power that it has obliterate all matter in the Star Wars world but the power it has in the ‘real world’ to immediately make you think of Star Wars. At some point, the lightsaber became a symbol of Star Wars to the point where it is recognized as a standalone body. You could almost get away with carrying around a lightsaber Toy Accessory instead of wearing a Costume for Halloween. Just like the lightsaber, there are hundreds of Toy Costume Accessories that are just as important to their respective characters, thus making them just as important for your Costume business. A Wand can add the magic touch to any princess or Harry Potter Costume, an old fashioned revolver transforms a gun-slinging cowboy, a bow and arrow set is crucial to an Indian costume, katana and ninja stars make the ninja, a warrior’s sword and shield, and on and on.

Make sure your inventory is complete; Toy Costume Accessories will boost your sales dramatically since there is a Toy for almost every Costume. If you are in need of Wholesale Toy Costume Accessories, WPC will be happy to fill the role of the Supplier that meets your every need. We are customer oriented and you will always get to talk to a real person. Contact us with any inquiries about the availability of our Toy Costume Accessories and we will gladly reply promptly.

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