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Wholesale Plus Size Costumes for retailers and company events. Find large varieties of hard to find sizes 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X at Wholesale Party Costumes.

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Do not neglect your customers who have a little more to love. Plus sizes are in high demand all over the world. The fashion model standard set by the media and ad industry is not the reality of most of your customers, and a very large portion of the population actually wears Plus Size Costumes. Wholesale Party knows where the money is, and you’ll be impressed with your ability to move Halloween merchandise for your heavy-set clientele. There will be endless ways to market your products and you will have the support of a Plus Size Costume Supplier to cover your customer’s needs.

Plus Size Clothing is often hard to find, ask any person who wears sizes 2X and up, and they will tell you that there is usually a limited availability of attire in that range. If you are familiar with Wholesale purchasing, you may have encountered vendors that only sell in pre-packs – items sold in pre-selected quantities and varieties. Purchasing wearable merchandise in this manner hurts the availability of Plus Sizes because the packs tend to include between 3-4 pieces of each of the standard sizes, but only 1-2 of the larger fits. As a reseller, you want to know that you will be able to acquire all the sizes as per your customer’s demand, without being limited to a few pieces per pre-pack.

An open stock Supplier like WPC is absolutely necessary when you need to keep inventory of Plus Size Costumes. The idea is for us to be able to supply you with all the merchandise you need without limitations, that is why we have deemed pre-packs as counter productive. Inquire about our Wholesale purchasing options; it is no secret we want your business, and will work with you and offer full support to keep you satisfied.

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