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Need to sell Fake Hair? Find Wholesale Wigs and Beards from a Costume Supplier in the Halloween industry. Body Hair and Novelty Wigs at Bulk Discount Rates.

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It’s pretty strange that Wigs and Beards are such popular items for Costumes. Most People grow their own hair and at least most men can grow their own beards. It would sound logical to say that most people should never have the need to buy Fake Hair, however, the opposite seems to be true. Instead of growing and experimenting with their own hair, most Costume Customers save some time in exchange for some money. With the exception of professional actors, most Costume wearers will opt for a Wig or Faux Beard to go with a Costume when needed. Give the people what they want; if your customers would rather get a blond wig than dye their Hair, you should sell blond Wigs. As a matter of fact, you should sell Wigs in all shapes, sizes and colors. Purchasing Wholesale Wigs and Beards will give you the opportunity to offer full Costume sets to completely transform your clientele. They will run back to you next time they are in need of these essential items, just ask your local Santa Claus impersonator how important Wigs and Beards are.

Wholesale Party Costumes specializes in supplying retail businesses with Costumes and everything related to Costumes. Wigs and Beards are some of the most active items in inventory since they can often transform a person without the need of a full Costume. Accessory Wings and Beards are used by Halloween enthusiasts and professionals alike for theatre performances and even undercover Disguises. Find all types of Hair-dos from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s for those random ‘decades’ birthday parties among other special character Wigs to match your top selling Movie Costume.

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